About Us


Geckodrive, Inc. has been manufacturing high quality original motor control designs since 1999. Our drives are designed for stepper and servo applications and we are constantly developing new motor control technology.

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Geckodrive products are used in high profile and mission critical applications across a range of industries. We are trusted as a motor control supplier because of our extremely high quality standards, accessible technical support, generous warranty, short lead times, and quick turnaround shipping.


At Geckodrive we understand there are options when it comes to motor controls. Our reputation is built on high-quality products that produce smoother motion and higher torque than other products in the same price range. One of many reasons why customers choose Geckodrive.


All Geckodrive products come with an industry-leading three year warranty and a ninety day no hassle, no questions asked return policy.


Our technical support is well versed in a variety of applications and is always available to assist via phone or email during business hours.


Because all aspects of our business are kept in-house, our products are designed, manufactured, tested and shipped from the same facility. This enables us to maintain constant stock and eliminate long lead times regardless of quantity.