General & Industrial Uses

Step Motor Basics

Step Motor Basics:

Step Motor Basics, our often cited guide to understanding stepper motors and controllers, is revised and expanded regularly to reflect changes in the industry or to add answers at the request of customers.
Stepper Drive Technical Support

Technical Support:

If you ever have a question about your machine, where to start, what you need, or if you are having a problem you can feel free to give us a call. While we may not be able to design your machine for you we can cut through a lot of the more common problems and get you up and running faster. Call our technical support department at (714) 832-8874 or email us at [email protected].
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Application Notes:

Our technical library is written in plain English, with an emphasis on being easily digestible by engineers and novices alike. Application notes are an often overlooked piece of documentation, and we have a library of common questions, circuits, and mistakes that can be avoided on our Support page.


We want machining and machine designs to be as simple and fun as possible, and work every day to help accomplish this goal. Click here for our infographic showing the common items that will make up nearly all end-user machines.
Geckodrive's Youtube

Video Tutorial:

Visit our YouTube channel for tutorials, common troubleshooting questions, drive descriptions and much more.

Geckodrive products are used in high profile and mission critical applications across a range of industries. We are trusted as a motor control supplier for OEM’s because of our extremely high quality standards, accessible technical support, generous warranty, short lead times, and quick turn shipping.

Fortune 100 companies consistently choose Geckodrive products for applications in key industries such as:

  • Aerospace
  • medical devices/ testing
  • food packaging
  • beverage manufacturing/bottling
  • automobile design/manufacturing
  • machine tool
  • Stop Motion Automation/Camera rigging
  • Robotics

At Geckodrive we understand there are options when it comes to motor controls. Our reputation is built on high-quality products that produce smoother motion and higher torque than other products in the same price range.

All Geckodrive products come with an industry-leading three year warranty and a ninety day no-questions-asked return policy.

Our technical support is well versed in a variety of applications and is always available to assist via phone our email during business hours.

We offer semi-custom products and private labeling services for OEM’s who need something a little different than an off-the-shelf solution, and can work with your design team to quickly incorporate one of our drives into a custom system or product line.

Because all aspects of our business are kept in-house, our products are designed, manufactured, tested and shipped from the same facility. This enables us to maintain constant stock and eliminate long lead times regardless of quantity.



Manufacturing precision components for satellites and high-payload rockets require repeatable and smooth motion. Geckodrive stepper drives have been used in both the manufacturing and the finished product for government and private industry space missions. The long lifespan and rugged nature of Geckodrive motor controls makes them ideal for these applications, and the low weight and small size means their in-the-field cost of operation is minimal. Our stepper and servo drives adhere to the strictest of quality standards in manufacturing and testing and carry multiple regulatory listings (UL, CE, RoHS,CFSI) making them a reliable choice.
Medical Devices

Medical Devices / Testing:

Repeatability and accuracy are vital in precision applications like medical testing and manufacturing. Whether our drives are moving a tension measurement device or powering a peristaltic pump, our medical customers can rest easy knowing that our motor controls can meet the rigorous demands of the industry. Our stepper and servo drives adhere to the strictest of quality standards in manufacturing and testing and carry multiple regulatory listings (UL, CE, RoHS, etc) making them a reliable choice for the medical industry. With UL recognized components we can help clear regulatory hurdles to get your products to market faster, with a proven history of reliability.
Food Packaging

Food Packaging:

Geckodrive motor controls are ideal for high duty-cycle applications such as labeling and packaging. Their bulletproof design and quality components mean that your line will be running with minimal downtime, and can run from external PLC control to coordinate an entire production facility or from internally flashed programs for smaller repetitive tasks or conveyor operations. Paired with IP65 rated washdown stepper motors you can use our products in nearly any type of facility, for nearly any task. Optional conformal coating increases the operating range of some of our products down to -40C.
Beverage Bottling

Beverage Manufacturing / Bottling:

Bottling lines are notoriously high-output and high duty-cycle applications, where downtime can cost your company both time and money. Having the capability to drive pumps and conveyors on the same system from interchangeable motor controls means downtime can be limited in the unlikely event of a failure. Step and direction drives can be run from an external PLC to coordinate complex motion across multiple lines, or our GeckoMotion line of drives can be flashed with their own program to run simple repetitive motion for advancing and retracting guides or conveyors.
Automobile Design

Automobile Design / Manufacturing:

Transportation of the future depends on being able to adapt to a worldwide market with varying needs. Quickly reconfiguring vehicle interiors by motorizing them in prototyping allows for quick, realistic, and eminently repeatable testing and sizing.
Machine tool

Machine Tool:

Precision components require precise motion. When your customer has demanding specifications for part tolerance it allows little room for error, and Geckodrive motor controls will give you the repeatability you depend on. As a manufacturer of all of our own products we understand the needs of other manufacturers and that your reputation is only as good as the products you ship. Our technical staff can help minimize downtime with our free technical support, and our quick shipping means you can get your machines built and parts cut as fast as possible.
Camera Rigging

Stop Motion Animation/ Camera Rigging:

Geckodrive products have been used in nearly every major studio and production house for live action and animation since our founding. Purpose built third party hardware allows for complex multi-camera stop-motion rigs to perfectly capture your artistic vision, without risking the need for a costly re-shoot due to a motor stall or missed step. Whether you are powering a slide rail or a trolley, or using computerized motion for your models in a stop-motion animation, we have the right motor control for your application.


Robotic arms and other mechatronics require significant torque and smooth repeatable motion. With our ability to get 30% more torque out of a motor than many competing drives you can be sure that you will have the speed and torque your application needs. Requirements vary based on application, and our technical support staff can help guide you to the right drive for your application.